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Four towns (Nagykanizsa, Čakovec, Koprivnica and Zalakaros) have decided to start the development of a cross-border bicycle network and its related services in the framework of which they are to make an almost 300-kilometre-long route available and build visitors’ centres and a mountain bike track. Besides, bike rental services are going to open in Nagykanizsa and Koprivnica. GPS helps visitors to find the right directions while brochures and a website will facilitate the organisation of the tours. All the information in connection with the services as well as the 20 programme packages are available on the website and at the electronic information points. The events organised by the partners provide an opportunity for promoting cycling, the infrastructure to be built and the propagation of services.

The partners won EUR 2 million in the third tender of the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 for these developments, which is a firm base for reaching the set objectives. This publication contains the 20 programme packages. Plenty of elements of the active, recreational and cultural tourism present themselves. The packages also contain the introduction of the four towns as well as the opportunities along the roads connecting the towns in detail. The nearly 300-kilometre-long route is worth a couple of days. With a little practice anybody is able to cover the distance.

The developments will open the existing national and international bicycle routes. The Three Rivers Bicycle Route and Mura-Dráva bicycle route starting from Austria and heading towards the Danube will be available in Croatia. At the same time the Little-Balaton Bicycle route and the Balaton Bike Ring will be available in Hungary. As the development plans include the idea of connecting Budapest with Lake Balaton, it will be possible to cycle from the other side of the border to Budapest.

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