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C4 - Murscak Nature Trail Thematic Route


The area of the Mura is still considered as one of the most valuable water lands in Europe so it belongs to the protected areas. By preserving the natural flow, water and wildlife of the river it is possible to maintain biological diversity in this area. The Murscak nature trail is a place for the presentation of this concept. The tour can be recommended to beginners and families, too.

Count György Festetics had the Festetics Castle built in Zalaújvár (Pribislavec) on the place of a former mansion in Neo-gothic style in 1870. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park and a garden, where a small chapel can be seen. Although the castle was damaged in the war, it is still one of the most beautiful Romantic buildings of Muraköz. Today it houses the local elementary school. The Roman Catholic parish church inaugurated in honour of Saint Florian was built in 1867.

The parish church inaugurated in honour of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Belica was mentioned for the first time in 1501 but it is likely that it was built in Gothic style in the 15th century. It was demolished in 1703 and a new Baroque church was to be built. The construction took a long time and the tower was finally built only in 1779.

Damása (Domasinec) is located on the right bank of the Mura. The Murscak nature trail was built for nature lovers. It is 6.3 kilometres long and consists of 12 stations that introduce the wildlife of the area on land and in water, the flora and fauna as well as birds. The Merlin Theatre works in the community centre of the village.

The chapel of Hodosány (Hodosan) built in honour of Saint John of Nepomuk was built in 1835 in Baroque style in return for his interference in protecting Hodosány from the floods. It was rebuilt in Neo- gothic style in 1886. It has two altars in honour of Saint John of Nepomuk and Saint Anne.

Target group: every age group, beginner bikers, nature lovers, families, students.

The length of the route: 45 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 3-4 hours.



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