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K1 - Over The Border 2. Thematic Route


It is one of the most important objectives of the program aimed at the development of the bicycle route network to connect the Croatian and Hungarian towns located in the natural surroundings of the Mura and the Dráva and to make it natural for those living in the area to cycle and get acquainted with the neighbouring areas. This tour starts from Koprivnica and ends in Nagykanizsa or, if there is a need, in Zalakaros. Completing the tour during a day is recommended only for really experienced bikers (170 kilometres) but if it is divided into more sections and for more days, it is suitable for bigger crowds to choose this route.

Koprivnica is situated at the junction of important commercial trails, to the south from the River Dráva. The Budapest-Zagreb railroad passes through here, too. Koprivnica was named after the stream with the same name, located to the south. The 14th century brought about the golden age of the town. Then it became the commercial, administrative and religious centre of Drávamente. After World War II a new economic recovery started as the bigger industrial factories of the town were established at this time, such as Podravka, Biokalnik and Belupo. The centre of the town is located at the place of the former famous castle. It was one the strongest castles between the Dráva and the Száva. Nowadays only a bastion and two wall fragments have survived. Its parish church inaugurated in honour of Saint Nicolas with its high towers stands out from the buildings of the town. The church was built in the 17th century. The Orthodox church inaugurated in honour of the Holy Trinity was built in a Late-Baroque style in 1794. From the 19-and 20-century buildings determining the image of the town the Malacec Villa, the building of the former royal secondary school specialised in science (today it is a primary school), the building of the former elementary school (today it houses the town hall), the savings bank of the town (today it is the gallery of the town) and the former Zrínyi Hotel (today it functions as a library and reading room) stand out. The topic of more statues in public places is the bicycle as the town is committed to the improvement of cycling tourism.

A short presentation about Nagykanizsa and Zalakaros can be found in the previous package.


Target group: young and middle-aged people, in the case of a tour planned for 2 days (in case the duration is 1 day, it is recommended for experienced bikers and sportspeople.)

The length of the route: 170 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: ideally 2 days, 3 days if extended by a programme in Zalakaros (+ 40 kilometres).



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