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K2 - The ‘Hlebine School’ Thematic Route

Koprivnica-Hlebine-Koprivnički Bregi-Koprivnica

This tour is primarily recommended to those interested in cultural memorials. Every age group can choose this route as it is only 30 kilometres long so families and classes can go for it.

The first recommended stop of the route starting from Koprivnica can be found in the town. The Franciscan church named after Saint Anthony of Padua was built in 1685. Its Baroque altars were made in the 18th century. The Salvator chapel was added to the church in 1745. The Baroque Church of Virgin Mary is located near the town centre, in Močile district.

The main attraction of the tour is Hlebine, a village in Koprivničko-križevačka county. The village is one centre of naive art in Croatia. More artists were born in the village. The traditions of naive art go back to the 1930s. Usually landscapes, peasants, and domestic animals are depicted in the works of art. The most reputable naive artists are Krsto Hegedušić, Ivan Generalić, Franjo Mraz and Dragan Gaži. Their works of art can be seen in the local art gallery. The former house of Ivan Generalić also houses a gallery. Among the examples of built heritage the parish church inaugurated in honour of Saint Catherina of Alexandria, a Christian virgin and martyr is worth a visit. Hlebine is the place of origin for the traditional Hlebine soup. This sour soup matches the Hungarian taste.

On the way back to Koprivnica it is worth stopping at a settlement called Koprivnicki Bregi as the Seče field can be found nearby, where the archaeological findings of the Neolithic Seče culture were excavated. About 20 objects, remnants of houses built into the ground, wells, fireplaces as well as stone hatchets, stone knifes and pottery fragments were found. The ‘Bregovska pita’ is a type of brioche that was named after the village as it originates from here.

Target group: every age group, beginner bikers, families, classes from schools.

The length of the route: 30 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 2 hours, 4 hours if extended by seeing cultural monuments



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