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K3 - Ship Mill Thematic Route

Koprivnica-Hlebine-Gabajeva Greda-Molve (Čingi-Lingi, Repas)-Koprivnica

The tour is the route of nature and naturalness as well as the evidence of the cooperation between humankind and rivers. The tour is recommended to every age group. It is a bit longer than 50 kilometres so it is ideal for experienced bikers.

The first suggested stops of the tour starting from Koprivnica can be found in the town. It is recommended to see the monuments devoted to the bicycle: bana Jelačića square (at the round-shaped flower bed), Zrínyi square, Nemčić street (next to the County Hall), Mladosti square (next to the furniture shop), Školskoj street (in front of the A. N. Gostovinski school). After seeing the bicycles there is an opportunity for pleasant relaxation provided by the Cerine Swimming Pools.

Hlebine, a centre of naive art in Croatia.

Gabajeva Greda is located 15 kilometres from Koprivnica to the east, on the right bank of the River Dráva. More lakes can be found in its area. The inner area itself lies next to the backwater of the Dráva. It is rich in water so it is a paradise for anglers.

Molve was named after the mills working on the River Dráva and its tributaries. Its parish church inaugurated in honour of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in Neo-Romanesque style, with Neo-gothic elements between 1853 and 1863. The ship mill on display in the centre of the settlement symbolises one of the ancient occupations of the village.

Čingi-Lingi is a holiday village located on the right bank of the Dráva, next to the lake with the same name. The settlement and its surroundings are the paradise for anglers and swimmers.

Repas is famous for its English oak forests that can be found between the River Dráva and the Hungarian border and cover 4200 hectares. According to the locals wisdom needs some hundred years to develop and it is proven by the really old oak trees here.

Target group: every age group, beginner/ experienced bikers, nature lovers.

The length of the route: 52 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 3 hours, 5 hours if extended by swimming.



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