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K4 - ’The Amazon River Of Europe’ Thematic Route


The Dráva and Mura section of the Mura- Dráva-Duna Biosphere Reserve is sometimes referred to as the ‘Amazon River of Europe’ as they comprise unique floodplain forests, backwaters with diverse forms of wildlife, gravel bars and form the habitat of rare animal species. The confluence of the Mura and Dráva is one of the most interesting areas of these two rivers, which can be found near Légrád. The tour is recommended for every age group, for the young and nature lovers, families and students as well. The distance covered is about 30 kilometres.

The first recommended stops of the tour starting from Koprivnica can be found in the town. It is worth visiting the centre of the old downtown – today Zrínyi square, Jellasics square and Flórián square. Now there is a row of one-storey buildings in different styles from Baroque to Art Nouveau. Parallel to Zrínyi square there is a synagogue in Svilarska street. This building was built by the sizeable Jewish community of Koprivnica in 1875.

Légrád is located at the confluence of the River Dráva and the River Mura, opposite the mouth of the River Mura. The parish church inaugurated in honour of the Holy Trinity was built in Baroque style between 1769 and 1783. Its Evangelical church was built in 1841. The building of the Evangelical school was constructed in 1907. The main square is formed by a park, where the exhibition of 5 old sawing machines belonging to the most beautiful ones in the country can be visited.

The Mura-Dráva-Duna Biosphere Reserve may be entitled to possess the title of ‘the Biggest Cross- border Protected Environmental Area of Europe’ in the near future if besides Croatia and Hungary Austria, Slovenia and Serbia will also submit their application to the UNESCO. The current Croatian and Hungarian area of the biosphere reserve exceeds 600.000 hectares. Its Croatian section near Légrád is a special place, a highlighted sight and an ideal destination due to the confluence of the two rivers (Mura-Dráva).

Target group: every age group, beginner bikers, nature lovers, families, students.

The length of the route: 32 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 3 hours.



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