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K5 - From Koprivnica To Čakovec Thematic Route

Koprivnica-Donja Dubrava-Prelog-Čakovec

The tour connecting the two towns promises colourful programs as a wide range of attractions can be found along the way, from fishing to swimming and from the beauties of nature to cultural events. The 75-kilometre-long excursion is recommended to experienced bikers but every age group can start it as a number of experiences await the traveller.

The suggested stops of the tour starting from Koprivnica can be found in the town. Those interested in history, arts and culture can choose from the following museums: Museum of the Town (historical periods), Gallery (arts), Podravka Museum of Catering (history of the catering industry).

Donja Dubrava is located on the left bank of the Dráva near the place where the Mura flows into the Dráva. This area is covered by thick oak forests after which the village was named. The parish church inaugurated in honour of Saint Margaret of Antioch was built in 1940. Two more chapels can be found in the village inaugurated in honour of the Queen of Peace (1757) and Saint Florian (1932). One of its columns was erected in honour of the Holy Trinity (1879) while the other was erected in honour of Jesus Christ, The Man of Sorrows (1790).

Prelog is a neat town on the bank of the River Dráva. It boasts the title of ‘the Town of Flowers’ due to its clean order and the annual Flower Fair that is regarded as a traditional event nowadays. The Baroque Church of Saint James standing in the very heart of Prelog is an impressive building and a valuable cultural monument at the same time. Prelog is the town of entertainment and sport, too. Apart from the Dráva and its backwaters, next to the settlement the lake of the Dubrava power plant can also be found, which can satisfy the needs of those loving nature and healthy lifestyle by offering sports and leisure time activities.

Čakovec is located 25 kilometres away from the Hungarian border. Csák, the ‘ispán’ (comes) of Zala County and Ban of Slavonia had its castle built. The name of the town originates from here. Čakovec became the property of Miklós Zrínyi, Ban of Croatia in 1546. The Zrínyis rebuilt and fortified the castle. After the family died out, the property was owned by the Athlan, then the Festetics counts. In the castle part the Međimurska County Museum can be found. The grave cover of Miklós Zrínyi can be seen here. The Fransiscan friars arrived at Čakovec at the time of the Zrínyis and built their first monastery then. But the Baroque church was built in the time of the Festetics family, at the very beginning of the 18th century.

Target group: every age group, experienced bikers.

The length of the route: 75 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 4 hours.



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