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NK1 - Spa Thematic Route

Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó – Boating lake)-Nagyrécse-Galambok-Zalakaros-Kisrécse-Nagykanizsa

Zalakaros, the town with most flowers in Hungary and an internationally acclaimed spa, can be found in the immediate surroundings of Nagykanizsa. The bicycle tour covering altogether 40 kilometres is primarily suitable for the young who wish to go on excursions and more experienced bikers as the hills of Zala County present a challenge.

The route starting from the visitor centre of Nagykanizsa, that is, the Boating Lake turns to the north at Eötvös Square and then leaves the town. The memorial of the Greater Hungary can be found at Eötvös Square, which was erected on the basis of the donation of István Schless in 1934. The memorial was demolished in 1952, then after restoration it was inaugurated again on 12 August, 2001. Next to the square the Bank Palace can be found. The Austrian-Hungarian Bank had it built on the basis of the plans of József Hubert in 1904. The building opposite the Bank Palace was built in Art Nouveau style in the second half of the 1910s. József Bogenrieder, a restaurant and hotel owner had it built.

Leaving the town, the route passes by Nagyrécse first where the Neo-Romanesque church and the Inkey castle can be seen, while those going for rural tourism can visit the neighbouring vineyard of Bacónak where the tourists can enjoy a pleasant communal place with a lovely chapel and an opportunity to ride a horse.

The next settlement is Galambok where one of the most beautiful fishing lakes in Southern-Zala can be found. Pleasant benches and shadowy groves facilitate relaxation.

Zalakaros owes its good reputation to its thermal water (96 °C). The smallest Hungarian town is one of the 10 most popular settlements at the same time. The excellent spa offers really pleasant relaxation to each age group. After visiting the clean and ordered centre that is always full of flowers it is worth climbing the lookout tower of Zalakaros from where it is possible to spot even Lake Balaton if the weather is nice. On the vineyard surrounding the town the tired travellers can refresh themselves with a glass of good quality wine from a pleasant array of wine cellars.

On the way back the tourists can visit Kisrécse where the best known international creative art camp of the surrounding area, the Kendlimajor Academy of Art is located. Besides, the Czinki Nostalgic Farmyard gives us an insight into the experiences provided by rural life.

Visiting the spa in Zalakaros is highly recommended to tourists!

Target group: daily hikers, those preferring moderately demanding tours, young adults, middle-aged people.

The length of the route: 40 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 2 hours for sportspeople, 4 hours for hikers (+ 3 hours if swimming in the spa of Zalakaros is included).



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