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NK5 - ‘Along The River Mura’ Thematic Route

Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó – Boating lake)-Szepetnek-Tótszerdahely-Letenye-Nagykanizsa

This excursion includes the settlements along the Mura in the Southern Zala region. The travellers turn back in a small town called Letenye where there is a pleasant opportunity to swim in the comfortable spa in summer. The distance is nearly 65 kilometres. It is an easy, mainly flat area but because of its distance it is rather recommended for more experienced bikers.

The first stop of the tour starting from Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó – Boating lake) can be found in the town. It is the Lower church and monastery located in the neighbourhood of the main square. It is one of the most valuable Baroque monuments of the town. The route heading west goes through the part of the town called Kiskanizsa in the centre of which the statue of The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the headquarters of the Civilian Reading Circle can be found.

The most significant monument of cultural history of Szepetnek is the Baroque Catholic church of monumental character inaugurated in 1752. The Evangelical church built in the 19th century is also worth a visit. The famous politician, publicist and expert of Dalmatia, Pál Királyi was born in the village. His memory is kept alive by means of a bronze relief made by Péter Szabolcs. A 23-hectare water reservoir can also be found in Szepetnek that offers more opportunities. The Anglers’ Club of Szepetnek ensures successful catch by means of regular fish stocking while the surroundings of the lake provide pleasant pastime opportunities for families and tourists.

Tótszerdahely is one of the seven villages that are inhabited by the Croatian minority. The village boasts the nicely renovated Fedák Sári Mansion that offers accommodation to the tourist groups arriving in the region. However, the collection about local history also contributes to spreading culture. Another sight of the village is its church.

Letenye is located immediately next to the Hungarian- Croatian border, along the River Mura. In the centre the Holy Trinity Church dominates the main square of the town. Near the church the Andrássy-Szapáry castle can be found that is functioning as a communal centre nowadays. Behind the castle, in the wonderful park the wooden library building of the town is situated. Next to it there is a gigantic sycamore tree that is more than 500 years old. Behind the park the beach and thermal spa of the town can be found as well. Near the southern edge of the settlement the capricious Mura winds. The place is suitable for angling and paddling, too. Its wildly romantic scenery offers a breath-taking view to the visitors and tourists.

Target group: daily hikers, those preferring not really or slightly demanding tours, young adults, middle-aged people, even families.

The length of the route: 63 kilometres

The estimated duration of the tour: 3 hours for sportspeople, 5 hours for hikers, half the distance complete with swimming in Letenye is recommended for families.



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