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NK6 - Gorge Thematic Route

Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó – Boating Lake)-Nagybakónak-Nagykanizsa

This package provides the joint opportunity of cycling and hiking as the immediate surroundings of Nagybakónak that can be found 17 kilometres from Nagykanizsa have a number of beautiful natural values. The package is recommended to every age group. Hiking is optional while the gorge, the Árpád spring and their immediate surroundings offer some absolutely pleasant hours to families as well.

The first recommended step of the route starting from Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó - Boating lake) can be found in the town, near Eötvös square. It is the cultural centre named after Sándor Hevesi who was born in our town. The building opened to the public in 1976 was designed by Zoltán Erdélyi while the interior designer was András Máté. The relief of János Németh can be seen in front of the building. The hall is decorated by the vitreous enamel pictures of Ildikó Járási while the bust of Sándor Hevesi created by Erzsébet Schaár is displayed upstairs.

The hilly area of Nagybakónak is especially suitable for hiking. Several tourist routes go through the village and at the edge of it, among which the Rockenbauer Pál Blue Trail of Southern Transdanubia and the Green Trail are the most significant ones. A really interesting natural formation, the gorge along with the Árpád (Eszperantó) springs that are considered to be excellent places for relaxation and the Csibiti valley descending from the TV tower to the north can be found near the village. Families with small children can spend a pleasant day picnicking near the springs if they get to the Cserkész (‘scout’) springs from the village (1 kilometre). Those wishing to enter the depth of the spectacular Cliff canyon have to walk some 100 metres on a path until the end of the canyon, which requires attention but not special stamina. The excursion can be continued from here to the Csibiti valley and Csibiti Lake after climbing a short iron ladder. The whole route (on foot) – including Csibiti valley – is no longer than 6 kilometres. Among the built heritage of Nagybakónak the Roman catholic church, the cultural centre and the local history collection are to be highlighted.

Target group: every age group, especially nature lovers.

The length of the route: 34 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 1.5 hours for sportspeople, 3-4 hours for hikers, 5 hours for families.



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