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NK7 - On The Border Of Zala County Thematic Route

Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó – Boating Lake)-Kisfakos-Miháld-Zsalaszentjakab-Nagykanizsa

The tour covering almost 50 kilometres can be regarded as the limit of a comfortable excursion for beginner bikers but this route passing round Nagykanizsa in a semicircle is the path of tranquillity and nature so it is worth stopping and getting to know the small villages located at the edge of Zala county.

The first recommended stop of the route starting from Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó Boating Lake) can be found in the town. It is the Sétakert (‘public garden’) that is the biggest park of the town covering 4 hectares. The swimming pool and the beach of the town can be found here as well, which offer a pleasant opportunity for relaxation.

Sand, a quiet settlement is located on the border between Somogy and Zala Counties, far from the rumour of the highway and protected by fascinating forests. The most important sight of the village is the Evangelical church built in 1806, which is a national monument now. Another attraction is the Catholic church located nearby, which has been renovated recently. Nature is undisturbed and the area is also popular due to its supply of wild game.

The Franciscan chapel and its surroundings in Kisfakos offering horse riding and camping facilities are the main attractions of this absolutely quiet, tranquil village.

Gáspár Inkey had the church of Miháld built in Baroque style in 1760, which is a listed building now. Apart from its statues the pulpit in Baroque style is worth a visit. It is a nice experience to walk around the vineyard spotted by beautiful chestnut trees, where nature lovers can participate in wine tasting and take delight in the wonderful panorama. The leisure centre and fishing lake located in the beautiful surroundings provide pleasant opportunities for relaxation and recreation. There are camping and sports facilities. It is also possible to cook and grill food outside.

The railroad construction in the 1860s had a beneficial effect on the development of Zalaszentjakab as it fundamentally changed their opportunities. The outstanding values of the village are the Roman Catholic church, the cultural centre, the memorial of the World War and the railway station.


Target group: every age group, every target group, especially nature lovers.

The length of the route: 48 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 2.5 hours for sportspeople, 4 hours for hikers.



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