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NK8 - Valley Of Middle-dráva Thematic Route

Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó - Boating Lake)-Csurgó-Berzence-Nagykanizsa

The tour going over to Somogy County is recommended to experienced bikers as the distance is altogether 90 kilometres. In addition, the route goes through two bigger regions (Inner Somogy and the Hills of Zala), which can be recognised also in a difference of level.

The first recommended stop of the route starting from Nagykanizsa (Csónakázó-tó – Boating Lake) can be found in the town. Before the trail turns to the south it is worth paying a short visit to the Upper church. In 1764 a smaller Baroque cemetery chapel was built here in honour of Saint John of Nepomuk. In 1823 the aisles were elongated and a tower was built, too. As time passed, the church proved to be too small so in 1942, after demolishing the parts built in the 18th century, a modern transept part was attached to the 19-century tower and building part, which was bigger than the original.

The first more significant stop is Csurgó, the outstanding cultural centre of Western-Somogy. The secondary grammar school established by count György Festetics, the first ‘oskola’ (a traditional word for ‘school’) represents significant value. What is more, its library is also famous. It is worth visiting the park surrounding the institute that is over 200 years old, where Mihály Csokonai Vitéz also enjoyed reading and teaching his students. The other symbol of the town is the Szentlélek (‘Holy Spirit’) church and its surroundings. Among its natural values the Valley of Middle-Dráva is outstanding the flora and fauna of which provides an unforgettable experience for visitors. A number of foreign hunters visit the region due to the rich supply of wild game throughout the year.

Among the examples of the built heritage of Berzence the hunting lodge of the Festetics family, the Roman Catholic church and clergy house, the Chapel of Saint Anthony, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the ‘Nepomuki’ statues located at Árpád square are the outstanding ones. Another well-known building is the cultural centre that was built on the basis of the plans of Imre Makovecz. It is the venue of events where the cultural life of the village takes place.

Target group: young and middle-aged people, more experienced bikers, those interested in cultural values.

The length of the route: 90 kilometres.

The estimated duration of the tour: 4 hours for sportspeople.



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