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T2 - Mura Nature Route Thematic Route

The starting point of the Mura nature trail is Letenye. It is possible to get there by following the cycling route recommended by the ‘Along the River Mura’ thematic route but this small town situated near the border can be approached from any direction along the public roads. The tour is 8 kilometres long (to and from) by bike. After the first 4 kilometres it is only possible to go on foot. The tour is recommended for everybody due to its shortness and natural sights.

The new nature reserve, the Regional Protected Area along the River Mura covers almost 2000 hectares. One section of it is the territory stretching between Letenye and Murakeresztúr. The landscape is determined by the periodical floods of the fast-flowing Mura as well as its activity that builds and demolishes reefs, bank parts, islands and backwaters. This way valuable habitats have been formed and they remained in a relatively natural state as the border zone used to be a closed military area for almost 50 years.

As the bed of the Mura keeps moving, the classical arrangement of the floodplain flora along the river is less marked than in the case of our bigger rivers. The most typical habitats are the gravel reefs, the plants in the mud, the softwood groves, the alder groves and the hardwood forests.

The characteristic plants are the water lily, the water caltrop and the floating fern. The typical representatives of the fauna are the dragonflies. Some of their rare species can also be spotted here, such as the green snaketail and the large white-faced darter. Apart from the more common butterflies the Freyer’s Purple Emperor also appears here.

In the River Mura and its water system more than 50 fish species have been found among which 13 are protected ones. The grey herons and the great egrets form flocks at the quarry lakes and backwaters. By every water surface of the Mura the traces of the otter can be noticed while the beaver appeared in the area only in the last decade.

Target group: every age group, beginner bikers, nature lovers, families, students.

The length of the route: 8 kilometres + walking tour.

The estimated duration of the tour: 2 hours (including walking tour).



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